About George

George Holding, as United States Attorney, prosecuted criminals from drug traffickers to corrupt public officials.

When he left office the average sentence in drug trafficking cases in eastern North Carolina was almost twice the national average. He also indicted seven defendants for conspiring to promote terrorist attacks in the United States and abroad (two have pled guilty and the rest are awaiting trial) and convicted a number of child pornographers, several of whom were sentenced to more than 100 years in prison.

He convicted a former Agriculture Commissioner, a former Congressman, a state judge, a state Senator, a state Representative, and the Speaker of the North Carolina State House for corrupt or unethical acts. He worked closely with state prosecutors investigating former Governor Mike Easley, who was convicted of a state felony.

George Holding grew up in Raleigh and attended Wake Forest University where he studied Classics and Law. After graduation he practiced law, then served on the staff of United States Senator Jesse Helms in Washington. In 2006, after 4 years serving as top Assistant U.S. Attorney, he was appointed the U.S. Attorney.

After resigning from office he was encouraged to run for Congress by former Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court Beverly Lake, former House Republican Majority Leader Leo Daughtry and Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison.

When he announced he stated, “Two hundred years ago no one - not Jefferson nor Adams nor Washington - dreamed our government was going to end up catering to every need people have from cradle to grave. But they did warn about the danger of anyone clever enough to muster 51% of the votes in Congress reaching into the federal treasury and helping themselves at everyone else’s expense. That is a pretty good example of how Washington works today - and that kind of politics has to end.”

George was sworn in as the Representative for North Carolina’s 13th Congressional District on January 3, 2013. He serves on the Foreign Affairs Committee and the Judiciary Committee.

George and his wife Lucy have three daughters and a son and are members of Christ Baptist Church in Raleigh.